When medicine can’t offer a cure, let our elderly die with dignity

Australian medical researchers call for restraint on use of aggressive treatments for elderly people near the end of their natural lives A study, … [Read more...]

Healthy Habits to Lose Weight and Keep it Off

Channel Ten, Studio 10, 21 August 2018 Healthy Habits to Lose Weight and Keep it Off Dr Gina Cleo explains how making the smallest changes can make … [Read more...]

Ten habits of people who lose weight and keep it off

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Delayed Prescribing

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Battling Resistance

Battling Resistance Antibiotics have been a fundamental in healthcare, but their overuse has led to a resistance movement that threatens the face of … [Read more...]

HLA Professional Development Day 2018

Justin Clark, Senior Informaticist, recently┬áreceived the HLA/MedicalDirector Digital Health Innovation Award … [Read more...]

Expression of Interest: PhD

Expression of Interest: PhD We have available under our 4 themes, the following: Implementing automation tools for systematic reviews. … [Read more...]

NMS 2018 Interviews: Dr Mina Bakhit & Dr Ray Moynihan

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HealthPathways Recognition at Annual Community Conference

MIRI HealthPathways Poster Comp … [Read more...]

Flu vaccinations

https://www.facebook.com/9NewsMelbourne/videos/2031330500463934/   … [Read more...]