Doctors’ group fails to declare health industry sponsorships

Bond University academic researcher and former University of Newcastle conjoint lecturer Dr Ray Moynihan, who is globally recognised for his work on … [Read more...]

Helping GPs prescribe fewer antibiotics

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Preventing Overdiagnosis 2017 – Citizen juries

BMJ talk medicine, 22 August 2017 This week we’re at the over diagnosis conference in Quebec Canada, Preventing overdiangosis is a forum to discuss … [Read more...]

Over-diagnosis in relation to polycystic ovary syndrome

Dr Ray Moynihan, Senior Research Assistant at Bond University and a member of the Wiser Healthcare collaboration and Professor Jenny Doust comment on … [Read more...]

Five commonly over-diagnosed conditions and what we can do about them

Five commonly over-diagnosed conditions and what we can do about them Some conditions should be classified as normal in some people and don’t need … [Read more...]

Initial Statement to underpin the development of a National Action Plan to Prevent Overdiagnosis and Overtreatment in Australia

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Can it really be true that 50% of research is unpublished?

The BMJ, 5 June 2017 By Paul Glasziou and Iain … [Read more...]

ARI Decision Aid Trial 2017

ATTENTION: We are currently recruiting GP practices to take part in a randomised trial Please click on the image below for more information: … [Read more...]

Global push reform way we define disease

A group of international experts today released the first ever guidance for medical panels which make changes to disease definitions, in a landmark … [Read more...]

Budget 2017: Generic Medicines

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