Influence Of Circadian Time Of Hypertension Treatment On Cardiovascular Risk: Results Of The Mapec Study – facilitated by Associate Professor Jane Smith

Reference: Ramón C. Hermida, Diana E. Ayala, Artemio Mojón, and José R. Fernández

Chronobiology International, 27(8): 1629–1651, (2010)

This paper reported on 2156 hypertensive men and women about the age of 55 plus or minus 13.

The intervention was the time of day that antihypertensive medication was taken.

Half the subjects were randomly allocated to night time hypertensive tablet taking and half to morning time, the groups were otherwise matched and only about  20 from each were lost to follow up

Drugs used included ACE, ARB, CCCB, BB and thiazide

Follow up was for up to 8 years

Summary :Taking blood pressure treatment at night led to lower BP, better control, and significantly lower incidence of Myocardial infarction, Angina, coronary revascularisation, strokes and TIAs. Grouping all these together the relative risk was approximately halved as a result of changing the timing of tablets to night time

Take home message: taking blood pressure treatments at night halves the relative risk of having a significant vascular event