Prof Chris van Weel

Professor Chris van Weel

Chris van Weel (The Hague, 18 November 1947) has been professor of general practice from 1985 2012, and chair of Department of Primary and Community Care, at the Radboud University Nijmegen  the Netherlands. Since April 2013 he is professor of primary health care research, Australian primary health care research institute, Australian National University, Canberra 2013 – 2014.

He was president of the World Organization of Family Doctors, Wonca, 2007 – 2010.

From 1973 – 1985 he was a full time general practitioner in Rotterdam,  in the Community Health Centre Ommoord and did while in practice a PhD at the Erasmus University Rotterdam in 1981.

He brought the Department of Primary and Community Care to bridge the domains of public health and individual primary health care and engage in innovative regional health care reform in the ‘Leader Practices Programme”.

He built a research programme of longitudinal studies of chronic diseases in general practice Effective Primary Care as part of the Nijmegen Centre ‘Evidence Based medical Practice’.  An academic practice based research network provides the essential data for this programme. This has resulted in more than 700 scientific papers published in international journals, and more than 65PhD theses.

He was a co-founder of the Netherlands School of Primary Care Research (CaRe).

He has contributed to the international development of primary care and research capacity building through Wonca, the Brisbane International Initiative and in collaborations in respiratory health (GOLD, GARD, ARIA).

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