The EBP Professorial Unit is a joint initiative between Bond University and the Gold Coast Hospital and Health Service District. We operate on the principle that the incorporation of the best evidence in routine clinical care leads to the best outcomes for patients

The EBP Professorial Unit aims to ensure all health care workers are skilled users of research.

We are working with clinical staff, clinical research teams, the GCUH Office for Research Governance and Development and the Gold Coast University Hospital Health Library to:

  • Build a sustainable culture of evidence-based practice at the Hospital to improve the quality, effectiveness safety and efficiency of clinical services;
  • Embed high quality clinical research as part of routine care;
  • Build staff and student research capability across the GCUH;
  • Enhance the research activity and the productivity of the GCUH health care practitioners; and to increase external research grant applications.

Members of the Unit, themselves active researchers and evidence-based practitioners, work with the hospital staff in a number of ways with support available from novices to champions, through delivery of workshops, and individual consultations to assist hospital based researchers in designing research studies.

Using Evidence to Clinical Improve Practice

Health practitioners engage with research on several levels:

  1. Using up-to-date and relevant research in clinical work,
  2. Participating in research teams,
  3. Conducting and leading others in research projects


The EBP Professorial Unit supports and engages with health practitioners at all levels of research participation.

Level 1: Users of Research

How to use evidence to improve clinical practice.

Basic EBP Training

  • Part 1 (3hrs): PICO, Clinical Questions, Critical Appraisal
  • Part 2 (3hrs): interpreting results of research studies

Evidence support and training

  • Strengthen and support journal clubs
  • Provide clinical question and answer service

Level 2:  Participants in Research

How to create evidence.

 All Level 1 resources

  • Systematic review workshops
  • Literature search workshops
  • Primary Research support
    • Research mentoring
    • Research consultation
    • Statistical consultation 

Level 3: Leaders in Research

How to maintain EBP excellence.

All Level 1 and 2 resources

  • Protocol writing workshops
  • Templates for research proposals
  • Comments/suggestions on drafted research proposals
  • Assistance with competitive seed funding
  • Assistance and comments on grant proposals