Rule changes to ‘wining and dining’ of doctors by drug companies ‘a step backwards’



  1. I think drug companies should not be allowed to pay or give benefits to doctors for any purpose. Such will be always deemed as trying to win their attention and preference for prescribing certain type of medication. Doctors should continue studying and extending their knowledge to advise their patients independently of the influence of any pharma company and it’s privately conducted research. Doctors should seek research findings from studies that are not funded or influenced direct or indirectly by any drug company. In addition, doctors should be able to identify limitations and possible bias in research studies. In general, medical professionals should also deepen their knowledge about non pharmaceutical interventions that may benefit their patients, for example, the effect of nutrients or the lack of them for their patients health, lifestyle behaviours including physical activity,, exposure to toxins and allergens, and others, which may be the primary cause of many diseases and disfunctions.

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