2018 Bond University Sustainable Healthcare Award Winners

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Excellence in two worlds of medicine and journalism

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Evaluating Health Claims – how to decide if they are legitimate

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Research Alliance forms to deal with overdiagnosis

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Bond academics tackle the pitfalls of trusting ‘Dr Google’ at Bond Research Week

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Improving the conversation between doctors and patients about antibiotic benefits and harms for coughs and colds

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2018 ANZAHPE post-graduate student prize

Loai Albarquoni received the 2018 ANZAHPE (Australian & New Zealand Association for Health Professional Editors) post-graduate student prize for a … [Read more...]

Overdiagnosis is harming patients and action is required, says chief medical officer

Australia’s chief medical officer has backed moves to protect patients and safeguard the sustainability of the health system against the growing … [Read more...]

When medicine can’t offer a cure, let our elderly die with dignity

Australian medical researchers call for restraint on use of aggressive treatments for elderly people near the end of their natural lives A study, … [Read more...]

Healthy Habits to Lose Weight and Keep it Off

Channel Ten, Studio 10, 21 August 2018 Healthy Habits to Lose Weight and Keep it Off Dr Gina Cleo explains how making the smallest changes can make … [Read more...]