Centre for Evidence-Informed Health Decisions

The Centre for Evidence-Informed Health Decisions is primarily focussed on conducting research that helps people to make informed decisions about health – including health professionals, patients, and the public. The research aimed at health professionals includes developing and evaluating strategies and tools to increase the awareness and usability of evidence about interventions and skills for incorporating this into conversations with patients.

The Centre’s interdisciplinary research draws upon the areas of evidence-based practice, shared decision making, health communication, knowledge translation, and public health.

Some of the large grants that are currently managed by this Centre include:

  • A NHMRC Centre for Research Excellence (Ask, Share, Know: Rapid Evidence for General Practice Decisions) to improve the uptake of evidence-based practice and shared decision making in primary care. This CRE and its network of general practices identifies clinical issues and develops and tests evidence summaries and decision-making tools to solve these issues.
  • A NHMRC Project Grant that is exploring the use of shared decision making about antibiotic use for acute respiratory infections in primary care.

Other current projects, with example recent or key publications include:

1. The role of expectations about intervention benefits and harms in health decision making

2. Shared Decision Making – current state and the need to increase its uptake

3. Enhancing the uptake of effective non-drug interventions through the development of ‘how to’ prescribe guides

4. Identifying core competencies in the teaching of evidence-based practice

  • Albarqouni, L., Glasziou, P., Hoffmann, T. Completeness of the reporting of evidence based practice educational interventions: a review. Medical Education. In press.

5. Helping the public and school students to think critically about health claims.

6. Effectiveness of health apps and their potential in enhancing self-management in primary care

  • Oyambasuren, O., Glasziou, P., Beller, E. Effectiveness of stand-alone mHealth apps for patients: Overview of systematic reviews. (under review).

The Centre conducts workshops in evidence-based practice and shared decision making. This training is directed at health professionals and health professional students of all disciplines. The Centre also leads research about the teaching of these skills. A 3rd edition of the widely used EBP text has just been published










The Centre is led by Professor Tammy Hoffmann. Other Bond-based researchers that are members of this Centre include:

  • Professor Paul Glasziou
  • Professor Chris Del Mar
  • Professor Jenny Doust
  • Dr Sharon Sanders
  • Dr Loai Albarqouni
  • Dr Leila Cusack
  • Dr Yuki Byambasuren
  • Mr Justin Clark

Some of the key collaborations and associates of this Centre include: